Air Vent Mount

Air Vent Mount

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An alternative to windshield and dash mounts, the AirVentMount won't block your view of the road. It provides more options to view your handheld while conveniently keeping it within arm's reach.  It's also great for allowing passengers access to the GPS easily and comfortably. 

This mount fits most car, SUV, truck, and other vehicle ac vents and is auto-spring locked and had rubber-lined grips to provide a secure, steady hold.  Easy to use - just pop the ball joint on the Air Vent Clip into the SlideMount.  Insert the AirVentMount grips onto your vehicle's air vent blade and tighten the nut.  No tools required!

The included metal clip attaches directly to your Garmin Alpha or Astro.  Your handheld is now ready to attach to your belt, backpack, or vehicle mount.  Simply slide your metal clip into the SlideMount and your handheld is safely and securely mounted for easy viewing in your vehicle.  To remove, simply lift your GPS vertically to slide the clip out of the SlideMount.  Takes less than a second and you're out of your vehicle and ready for the next phase of your hunt!

Rubberized grip pads are fully adjustable and tighten to fit thin or thick air vent blades.  Also works with horizontal or vertical air vents.

Compatible with Garmin Astro or Alpha.  



  • Fits most vehicle air vents
  • Works with horizontal or vertical air vents
  • Includes metal belt clip which attaches directly to Alpha or Astro and can be used with or without the mount.
  • Easily attaches to your vehicle's air vent
  • Securely holds Garmin unit
  • Alternative to windshield and dash mounts
  • Won't block you view of the road
  • Auto-spring locks and rubberized grip pads offer firm hold
  • No tools required
  • Can be easily moved from one vehicle to another
  • Not compatible with all air vent designs

In the Box

  • Air Vent Mount with Ball Tip (AirVentMount)
  • Metal Belt Clip for Garmin Astro or Alpha (MetClip)
  • Slide Mount (SlideMount)